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Our software makes it impossible to scrape webpages.

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Introducing Liquid Webpages A Revolutionary Approach For Protection

Stop caring if a "bad bot" visits your website.

Our software intelligently modifies the HTML, JS, CSS, and images on every request to create a moving target impossible to hit.

The look, feel, and function of each webpage remains the same, but no bot is able to extract content or interact maliciously. Authorized bots such as the Googlebot automatically receive unmodified content.

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A Few Interesting Things...

Bots now running the Internet with 61 percent of Web traffic

Dara K. at CNET

Advertisers will lose $7.2 billion globally to bots in 2016


Up to 24 Million Instagram Accounts Are Spambots


About 50 percent of what you're spending online is being stolen


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Our software supports NGINX or Apache web servers.

Installing is as simple as adding a module to each web server and configuring a CDN. Think of it as a filter at the end of a request chain. Pricing is per web server per month with bulk discounting.

No additional equipment, labor, or maintenance is needed after installation.

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